AjaxCaller Demo and Test Bench. AjaxCaller is a thin XMLHttpRequest wrapper used in all the AjaxPatterns demos. The focus is on ease-of-use and full HTTP method support.

1. Tweak settings ...

Debug (popup alerts)
Escape vars
Make Header Map

2. Make the call ...

Body-less calls: Variables are simply appended to URL.

Call with Body and Optional URL variables: Sends aribtrary content in the body. A sample URL variable is also appended to the url as cgi variable, although it should usually be left null in practice.
Recipe Body Type:

PostVars: Simulates a form submission. URL flavour is appended to url as cgi variable, body flavour is posted in body as cgi form. (postvars() should generally have the url flavour set to null, but it's included here for full coverage.)
Restaurant (in URL):

3. ... Marvel at the response